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Not sure about how everyone else is feeling but ummm, where did summer go? I mean, one minute it’s Christmas, and I’m eating glazed ham, and the next minute it’s Hot Cross buns and Easter Eggs! Long story short, my meals have changed, and now so must my hair regime! Yep- you heard right, your hair routine changes with each season. It’s pretty logical when you think about it, the weather changes, so what our hair requires changes too. 

Here are my 6 hot tips for keeping your hair healthy through Autumn.


1. Get a haircut

Get rid of those dry crunchy ends caused by the sun and swimming! A good trim will help here. You may even consider a fresh new look! Speak to your stylist about what’s best for you. Leaving those dry ends can end up causing split ends and leaving the hair more and more damaged with each wash. 


2. Use Clarifying Shampoo

Summer can leave build-up on your hair, salt sprays, sunscreens, saltwater and chlorine. No Thanks! Start the new season off right by giving your hair and scalp a good detox using clarifying or purifying shampoo at least once a week to remove any build-up sitting on the hair. Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detox Shampoo is a great choice- this beauty is sulphate-free, cruelty-free, and gentle on coloured hair.


3. Give your hair an extra Moisture hit

As the months get cooler and the air gets dryer, our hair will need an extra dose of moisture! Unfortunately, the crisp transition to cooler weather can suck the moisture from your strands, causing static and frizz.

A good moisture shampoo and conditioner will help with hydrating your locks. Eleven Hydrate My Hair is fantastic, a nourishing range that won’t weigh your hair down, replenishing moisture and the smell is gorgeous!

Once a week, instead of conditioner, use a mask to combat tangles and keep your hair feeling soft and silky. We love NAK Replends Moisture mask, 60 seconds is all you need to rehydrate, soften and detangle your mane. Now to my favourite trick to keeping the hair manageable and less flyaway, a good leave-in moisturiser...


4. Fight the static and frizz

Change in weather can play havoc with your hair! Static, dryness, frizz, just to name a few! Now to my favourite trick to keeping the hair manageable and less flyaway, a good leave-in moisturiser (yes, a moisturiser for your hair- I mean, we all know we need to moisturise our skin, why can’t we comprehend our hair needs the same love?).

Letting the moisture dry into the hair is what you need. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry your hair and apply your leave-in moisturiser before anything else. The easiest analogy is makeup; first, you moisturise your skin and then (if you want to look a little more done, you would use some foundation). I can’t live without Wella Nutri Enrich Frizz Control Cream! It’s impressive as it doesn’t make your hair greasy or heavy as your hair will just absorb it and take it all the nutrients. Apply from your mid-lengths, comb through and style as usual.

If you plan to use any hot tools in your hair to style it (hair dryer, Iron or curlers), you absolutely need to be applying Thermal Protection to your hair (you wouldn’t risk your skin in the sun without sunscreen-same same). Goldwell Just Smooth Sleek Perfection is awesome. It’s a super fine mist and will protect your tresses up to 200 degrees (Celsius), creating smoothness and shine without weighing your hair down. Follow this with System Professional Luxe Oil for a smooth and shiny finish that will keep your hair healthy and hydrated.


5. Keep your scalp healthy

The dry, cool weather can often come with a dry itch and flakey scalps. It is essential to brush your hair and scalp to stimulate the blood flow and exfoliate any dry skin cells sitting on the scalp. The Du Boa brush is my go-to brush to get right on the scalp. Scalp exfoliating pre-wash treatment is the latest thing to help exfoliate the scalp leaving it fresh and healthy. Use my fave GlamBox Shampoo Brush to stimulate and massage that scalp to promote circulation and remove any unwanted debris from the scalp. For those extreme scalps, I’ve always gone with the Delorenzo Tricho Balance range; it’s the best 3 steps to keeping your flaky, itchy, dry scalp at bay!


6. Try a bold new Colour

Naturally, our hair lightens up in summer and deepens during the cooler months. You too can go with a change this season by warming up your tones and deepening or brightening up your colour. Blondes -think lovely creamy beige blonde tones or warm caramel colours. Feeling a little more daring.. experiment with apricots and strawberry blondes. Check out our blog on Autumn hair trends for the best inspo, and don’t forget to maintain your new tone with Delorenzo Novafusion colour toning shampoos or the Evo Fabuloso Toning Treatments. 


You are now armed with the best hair advice for the new sure to enjoy the cooler months (sweat and frizzy hair free) with fabulous hair and a great scalp!


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