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Sound familiar? But what might you ask does it have to do with hair care?

My 8 year old daughter (now 12) was the reason I discovered this amazing product range in the first place. I gave her a sample of the hero product MilkShake Whipped Crème to try... I mean, she had always used great leave-in moisturisers, but we quickly realised this was not just any old leave-in! Not only did it literally look like whipped cream, but it also smelt exactly like a Caramel Milkshake. Her hair was silky and soft and not a knot in sight. Where had this product been all our lives? (and did I mention it smelt like a CARAMEL MILKSHAKE !!??!!) This product (and many more from the range) have since been a staple in our household, and we’ve never looked back!


Milkshake whipped creme



The fragrance in Milkshake Haircare is the first thing you notice about the products. The scent is what everyone raves about!

I soon worked out it wasn’t just the smell that made these products unique, that there was so much more to this range than smelling like a Caramel Milkshake! The brand is dedicated to making the most of the benefits of nature, using key natural ingredients like milk and yogurt proteins alongside fruit extracts to enhance the hair’s natural beauty and infuse everything the hair is missing.

The range is sulphate free & some of the shampoos are sodium chloride (salt) free which make them great for hair that has had Keratin Smoothing treatments done to it. Milkshake houses many amazing products, each release better than the last. But still, to this day, the stand out for me are Whipped Crème (followed by a close second the Incredible Milk), two incredibly versatile products that can be used on all hair types to add moisture and hydrate the hair.


Milkshake Incredible Milk


Have your locks had it a bit rough lately? 

I mean, whose hair hasn’t, right? So look no further than Milkshake Incredible Milk to help that tired hair revitalise into the healthy mane we all dream of. It is a leave-in treatment spray that has 12 different benefits for the hair. This is absolutely your go-to product to solve your hair woes. 

How can one product have 12 benefits, you ask? Here’s how!

  1. Contains UV protection
  2. It protects & maintains your colour
  3. It is a Heat protector
  4. It Detangles the hair
  5. Prevents split ends
  6. Adds incredible shine 
  7. Smooths the cuticle
  8. Helps smooth & makes ironing the hair easier
  9. Repairs all hair types
  10. Frizz control
  11. Adds moisture
  12. Gives slight hold to hairstyles

Sounds INCREDIBLE right... Too good to be true almost?

One of the key ingredients that make Milkshake really stand out from the crowd is milk protein. It is one of the most nutrient-rich proteins due to its complete Amino Acid content (this just means it’s a super awesome way to fix up your hair). It also offers anti-irritant and protective properties to the hair, making it easy to use on most hair types. Like other proteins, it carries healing and restructuring benefits as protein is considered a building block for your hair (protein is, after all, what your hair is made of). So keeping your regime protein-rich with a balance of moisture is the key for your best hair story. 

One thing to remember when talking about Moisture and Protein in hair (protein strengthens damaged or weakened hair, and moisture hydrates the hair and makes it feel good) it’s just like balancing a set of scales. Whatever you take out has to be added back to keep your hair at its healthiest. So to restore your hair back to its natural state, it’s so important to use the right hair care with the right balance of ingredients depending on what the hair needs most.

Trust me, one use of any of these fantastic products and you will be in love (your hair will definitely be doing a happy dance), and so will your sense of smell. Try it, you won’t regret it! 

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