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Kevin Murphy…the obsession is real.

Who doesn't love a good holiday, right? I just hate the packing! Every single time I forget something, always!

Rewind five years and, while unpacking my bags in a luxury Sydney Hotel, I realised I had forgotten my hair products - of all things! So I head into the bathroom to see what I have to work with. Kevin Murphy.

I opened these gorgeous tiny little bottles and was immediately won over by the beautiful scent. So off I went and washed my hair and boy was I in love.

My hair felt soft, shiny and silky with no weighed down feeling...and so began the obsession. It had to be stocked in our salon, so the research began. Who is Kevin Murphy & what were these magical products all about?

I soon found out that Kevin Murphy is a session stylist, renowned for delivering many fantastic runway looks, motivated to fill the product gaps to achieve these iconic runway looks. He put his passion into bottles so that we can recreate these beautiful high fashion looks in the salon & at home.

I also found out the Kevin Murphy products not only smelt so good, but they are weightlessly designed to deliver strength and longevity to the hair, while using natural ingredients and remaining kind to the environment.

The entire line of Kevin Murphy products is sulphate, paraben-free and cruelty-free. Looks good, smells great and kind to my hair and the environment - WINNING! I got a hotel stay AND discovered a fabulous new range of products.

Five years on, we are still obsessed with the brand and now have so many clients who adore it and will not deviate to any other brand. Once you're hooked you're hooked; the obsession is real! Even better, this month, Kevin Murphy is brought to you by, so now finding your favourites is right at your fingertips.
My top picks for self-indulgence…

My hair needs extra moisture, so I regular use the Hydrate Me Wash & Hydrate Me Rinse & my hair loves it!

If you are on the finer side of the hair spectrum, then I would definitely go the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse. A great range for fine hair as it visibly thickens hair strands with Oat protein for a fuller look, plus hydrolysed wheat protein to add body and strength. Lastly, sunflower seed extract includes antioxidants to keep your colour from fading.

I recently discovered Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash; what a find! It removes any build-up on the hair and scalp without stripping colour, giving my hair a natural detox. Witch Hazel Extract balances the scalp and acts as a natural antiseptic, while Tea tree oil stimulates and promotes healthy hair growth.

Is your hair extremely damaged?
Get onto the Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash and Kevin Murphy Repair Me Rinse. This treatment range will reconstruct, strengthen and repair, while adding hydration. Enriched with papaya, bamboo leaf extract, silk amino acids and green tea protein tree, the Repair Me range makes your hair softer, stronger and more manageable.

Are you experiencing frizzy, coarse and brittle hair?
Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Wash and Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Rinse will become your go-to for wash day. Adding smoothness and hydration from a blend of sunflower seed extract, oleic acid, murumuru seed butter working together to control frizz, giving softness and shine.

Are your long locks in need of bringing them back to their youthful state?
Kevin Murphy Young Again Wash and Kevin Murphy Young Again Rinse will deliver. It's an anti-aging range that will help soften and restore the hair to its youthful state. Kevin Murphy Young Again is rich in antioxidants to help restore and replenish the hair, providing lustre and shine.

Whatever your concern, Kevin Murphy products have you covered. All packed with robust, high-quality, unique Australian-native ingredients, like Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime, Australian Round Lime, Illawarra Plum, Australian Finger Lime and Burdekin Plum, have exceptional hydrophilic properties (friends with moisture), delivering shine, lustre and strength.

Kevin Murphy combines the best of nature with runway looks while being sulphate-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free! Amazing for your hair and caring of our environment, you can't go wrong with Kevin Murphy products.

Book your free consultation and let us recommend the perfect Kevin Murphy Regime for your dream hair. What a discovery!

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