Expensive Brunettes..say what?

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The term "Expensive Brunette" has become quite the trend recently, but what on earth does it actually mean, and who named it that (more importantly, who calls it that?)

It's quite simple actually. The term expensive brunette refers to the brunette gal with caramel foils scattered through her mid-lengths and ends, making her hair look naturally sun-kissed or lived in (when in fact, it costs a decent amount of money to look so "natural").

Now that we all have the visual, let's talk about the ins and outs of maintaining a brunette mane and keeping it looking fresh and cool between salon visits. What makes it expensive is the richness of the tones and the high shine it creates in the hair. It's all about enhancing your natural tone, adding depth and multi-dimensional tones to give brunettes that lift they always desire.

But if Expensive Brunette is still too much work, do not dismay, there are so many easier (at home) solutions that can glam up any brunette to bombshell within 3-5 minutes!

We all know that blondes have to use colour enhancing or toning shampoos & conditioners to keep their colour looking clean and fresh between salon visits, but I'm here to explain that so do brunettes. There are several different benefits or effects that a brunette product can add to the hair. The first benefit is to reduce fading and maintain those beautiful rich hues that the hair holds when it is freshly coloured. De Lorenzo Chocolate Colour Care Shampoo enhances rich, deep chocolate tones in medium and dark brown hair. If luxe brunette is your jam and rich warm tones are your thing, then this is the product for you! Some people prefer to tone with a conditioner or treatment as it leaves the hair feeling silky and softer. If this is you, then you have to try The Revlon Professional Nutri Colour Filter in Chestnut - same rich tones, just a softer, more hydrated feel. Both of these products paired back with the correct colour saving regimes will help to minimise fading and keep the colour fresh and rich.

If cool & icy is your dream brunette colour, then the Nak Colour Mask in Coco and the Davroe Chroma Cool Graphite Treatment are your type of products. As most brunettes know, as the colour fades it can create different tones in the hair that you may not love. These masks both cool and neutralise warm tones in dark hair. They maintain a cooler, icier brunette tone and maintain the freshness of your perfect cool brown.

Last but not least are products for the brunette that HATES warmth (or orange/red as some explain it). This brunette requires not only anti-fading formulas, but also products that counteract the underlying colour that pop out as the hair slightly fades. These brunettes are exactly like blondes, but instead of needing purple shampoos to remove the yellow, they need blue tones to fight the orangy tones they so despise. If this is you, then you are going to love using Redken Color Brownlights Shampoo. It removes any orange tones and keeps the tone clean and warmth free. As does the Fanola No Orange Shampoo. I mean, how much clearer can a name be? If warm and brassy tones are your worst nightmare in your brunette locks, then these products will quickly become your best friend!

But just remember, these products are toning shampoos, conditioners and masks, not daily use type products. Keep your normal regime going strong, one that matches all your hair health needs and simply add these products in to create or maintain your perfect brunette look.

On a side note - is it just me, or does every blonde have a brunette bestie by her side? Whoever said that blondes have more fun were obviously hanging out with the wrong brunettes!

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