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Are you indecisive about your hair? Commitment phobic? Or do you like to switch it up as often as the seasons? These days, there are so many amazing ways to change your hair, low commitment options or no commitment at all!

Traditionally coloured shampoos and conditioners are a quick way to knock out unwanted yellow or brassy tones using 'purple shampoo". But hey, these days, we have many more options for blondes to have fun and brunettes, coppers, and redheads to change up their tone.

How do you do this without visiting the salon, you ask?
Colour Shampoo and Colour Conditioners/treatments are the simple answer.
It's Super Easy…

Let's talk Blondes and let's have fun!

Apply colour shampoo or conditioner/masks to damp, well towel-dried hair (if using shampoo, use your regular shampoo first to clean your hair, then rinse and towel dry) before applying your tonal shampoo.

If you are using a conditioner or mask, again use your regular shampoo first, rinse towel dry and off you go (no need to condition after). Note: Be sure the hair is not dripping wet as it will dilute and water down the product resulting in not enough tone. Leave on for at least 5 minutes or longer for more vibrant results. Apply to clean dry hair and allow to sit on the hair for up to 20 minutes. This will act more like a semi-permanent colour giving you a more vibrant and longer-lasting effect. Rinse well and follow with Colour Care Conditioner to seal the deal.

Rose Gold
One of my absolute favourite looks - a contemporary blend of blonde, red and pink. There are so many cool ways to make rose gold work for your individual look!

Try it with some of the best...

1. Davroe Chroma Rose Quartz is an excellent moisturising colour treatment designed to deliver an ultra rosy tint to light hair. Formulated to gently deposit pigment on the hair while improving the condition at the same time. I love using a conditioner or treatment to achieve these tones as I feel it spreads so evenly and gives a more consistent result. It's infused with Rose extract and can be used without commitment to fade after 3-5 washes or applied weekly to maintain saturation.

2. Nak Hair Rose Blonde Shampoo adds pinky rose tones to blonde hair and looks fantastic on white or grey hair. This can be used weekly for a pastel tone or more frequently to build intensity and vibrancy.

3. Rose Gold in Base is a super trending solution to your Rose Gold needs. This Rose Gold Shampoo is a delicate moisturising Shampoo designed to create soft pastel rose gold hues while still nourishing the hair between salon visits (this one is my fave!)

If pastel or lilac is your thing, then Rosewood is a gorgeous tone for you with its vintage puerile hues.

Do it with De Lorenzo Novafusion Rosewood Shampoo. This provides a smokey lilacy pastel (even mixed with a hint of apricoty tone) into blonde or lightened hair. Shampoo with your regular shampoo first, rinse it out and slightly towel dry so as to not dilute the rosewood tones. The lightest parts of your hair will pick up these beautiful tones and give you an instant change without commitment. What's even more amazing is that Novafusion Rosewood Shampoo is sulphate and paraben-free, plus contains Rooibos extract, which helps protect the hair against UV sun rays minimising colour fade. Australian made, Vegan-Friendly, Cruelty-Free giving us even more reason to love it!

Nak Colour Masque Dusk. Is it colour, is it conditioner...well actually it's kind of both!!! It is designed for boosting colour vibrance and creating vivid shades on lightened hair. Dusk is a rosy beige with a hint of lavender. It's a beautiful subtle creamy lilac hue infused with soft purply tones. It makes your hair soft and silky and creates the low commitment tone of your dreams.
It gently colours the cuticle layers of the hair with semi-permanent cationic pigments. Restores hair fabric softness and hydration with the NAK Vegan complex of Coconut, Aloe, Rice and Pear. Enriched with strengthening Quinoa extracts and shine-enhancing Macadamia oil.
It simultaneously enhances colour shine and toning lustre while preserving colour longevity as it fades gradually in eight or more shampoos.
NAK Dusk creates sheer toning control with rose beige lavender tones in colour treated, pre-lightened blonde, platinum blonde, or light natural hair (works a treat in white or grey hair also!) Don't forget Nak is Vegan & Aussie made and owned - an extremely cool brand!

Oh, how I love the latest peach look! Think rich apricot hues (very on-trend) which suit almost any skin tone. If you have fair skin or light hair, choose a light to medium peach hue. Think about it: Natural redheads tend to have fair skin, so there's no chance this will look anything less than fabulous on you, adding warmth and colour to your look. If you want a more citrus-like look, make sure your peach shade leans more orange than pink.

If you have olive skin or dark can get away with darker peach shades, even an ombré darker root letting it fade to a pastel salmon colour. Try it with De Lorenzo Novafusion coral peach, which gives blonde hair peach highlights and coral peach tones. Leaving it on wet hair for 3 to 5 minutes will provide a gorgeous pastel hue (but if you want a more intense peach, my special tip is to put it on dry hair for 20 minutes, then rinse it out, this will act more like a semi-permanent colour giving deeper more vibrant hues because YOLO).

Revlon Nutri Color Filters 400 Tangerine
Revlon Nutri Colour Filters - 400 Tangerine is an absolutely fantastic 3-in-1 product that adds colour, care and shine to the hair. It should be used like a hair treatment. The formula is filled with pigments, and thus you can refresh your hair colour at home between salon visits to stay beautiful and intense. In addition, it is also perfect if you want to try a new colour effect, like peach, as it gradually disappears out of the hair again. In addition to leaving the hair with temporary colour, the formula is also enriched with provitamin B5, which has both a moisturising and nourishing effect. Tangerine can be left on for 5 to 25 minutes, depending on the intensity of the look you desire.

Well, we've explored some super fun, new ways to modernise your look without a hefty price tag or too much scary commitment! Rose Gold, Rosewood or Peach, which one will you try first?

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