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When I hear Bondi, I think beach...sand, surf and sun. But when I hear Bondi Boost, I think fabulous hair!

Bondi Boost is the new kid on the block here at Glam Box, but we have worked alongside the brand for quite a few years now and adore everything about it. The products perform so well, doing everything they promise to & more. The brand itself is revolutionary, providing solutions to everyday hair problems. Bondi Boost has become a haircare leader, creating products that really work. There are so many products to love, but my hands-down absolute favourite has got to be the Bondi Boost Blowout Brush!


As someone with curly, frizzy hair, I love a good blowdry but can not blowdry my own hair. I always wash and attempt to dry off my hair (which usually has me looking like a frizzled mess) before relying on my straightener to transform my frizzy fro into a smoother, more presentable end result. The Bondi Boost Blowout Brush has completely changed my life (not to sound overly dramatic, but it's a serious game changer). It is just so easy; wash my hair, blowdry it using this amazing tool, and boom, I'm done! Like how is such a fantastic time-saver not in everyone's bathroom? It can be used in thick or thin hair as it has four different settings to provide every hair type with its desired result. Bonus use for me – my three girls. I no longer have to pull their hair with a brush whilst blowing their cheeks off with a blowdryer when I've washed their hair too close to bedtime! This quick and super easy tool sounds too good to be true because it is! (can you tell I'm obsessed?)

But the greatness certainly doesn't end with the Blowout Brush - it's evident in every corner of the brand. Not only are the products excellent - the team behind the products are equally fantastic! They are always so informative and eager to help or educate in any way they can! I had a great chat with Anna, National Sales Manager of Bondi Boost, and she was excited to answer some questions about this fab Aussie brand.

Meet Our Brand – Bondi Boost

Why was the brand created?
After months of research, the Bondi Boost team found a harsh reality. That the majority of people were unhappy with their hair quality for multiple reasons including thickness, texture, breakage, length, volume and flakiness.
We decided it was time to solve these problems and pioneer a range of products formulated by a team of industry experts dedicated to the biology of healthier, longer, stronger & thicker feeling hair.
We replaced "nasty" parabens and sulphates with powerful "good for you" alternatives to protect, nourish and help reduce the signs of hair ageing.

And so the Bondi Boost brand was born to help people reach their hair goals faster. Each Bondi Boost formula contains carefully selected essential oils and organic antioxidants to effectively cleanse each strand while depositing powerful ingredients directly to the scalp to maximise strength, length and reduce breakage for thicker & longer feeling hair.

What are your most favourite products from the brand?
Our Hair Growth Dry Shampoo is a game-changer for dry shampoo because it creates hair growth in-between washes without feeling the guilt of damaging your scalp and creating further hair loss.
2 in 1 'freshen & growth' in less than 3 seconds
And it's backed by science, approved by the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association)
Our Heat Protectant Spray is another favourite. You would always protect your skin before you go out in the sun with sun cream. It's no different for your hair. Your hair needs protection from heating tools. Spritz the lightweight mist heat protectant all over wet or dry hair before applying heating tool.
And an extra nourishing benefit is that it is like a 'protein shake for your hair' because it is powered with marine extracts that help to rebuild and strengthen hair.

Who or what inspires the brand?
We are an ethical haircare company with a passion for solving hair related issues using clean, natural ingredients, and bringing our products to market in such a way that inspires the spirit of love, friendship,
self-confidence & empowerment. We only want to bring to market products that we would be proud to share with our family and friends.

What does it mean to be an Aussie brand?
For us our Aussie DNA is at the heart of who we are as a brand.
We are all about high quality products powered by conscious, natural & native Australian ingredients.
We pride ourselves on our A-Beauty approach which is all about blissful, unfussy, natural beauty
And we do this through a super-charged highly engaged community that is connected through a spirit of friendship & promotion of confidence and self-love, which are cornerstones of the Aussie essence of life.

What drives the brand to keep going and developing more?
We are driven by one simple vision. The hope that anyone who is touched by Bondi Boost to know that they are part of a global family that is passionate about instigating real change in our community and environment. By helping make a difference one bathroom at a time, we will be helping one woman at a time, one child at a time and one animal at a time. We do this through our charities of choice that support children, women & animals, donating a percentage of our profits each and every year.

What does good haircare mean to the you/the brand?
We ensure that the products we create are as clean as possible, as natural as possible, cruelty-free and vegan friendly because what you put on your hair soaks into your scalp and into your body. And what we produce can impact the environment that we share. That is what good haircare means to us.

What are the 3 things you can't live without in your haircare routine?
We know healthy hair starts from within. So we cannot live without our Bondi Boost Supplements as we take a holistic approach with our hair care regime. We know that more than 2 billion people globally suffer from nutrient deficiency. We want to make sure we are not one of them.
So for some of us that are looking to grow our hair, we take the Hair Growth Support Supplements and pair with the Intensive Spray.
Our Intensive Spray is a hero product within our range. Think of it as the perfect 'fertiliser for your hair' because it is all about cleansing and protecting your scalp. This spray is a daily leave-in treatment which can be applied to wet or dry hair. Has a weightless finish to the hair with zero residue.
For those of us that are looking to reduce or slow down hair loss, we take the Anti Hair Loss Supplements and pair with Procapil Tonic.
Our Procapil Hair Tonic is essentially like an anti-aging serum for your hair. It's strengthening and regenerating qualities mean that you can hold on to your younger hair much longer.
So if you were stuck on an island for 12 weeks and could only take one product with you, we suggest this one is it.
For best results simply spray into the scalp and massage, twice daily, for the entire 12 weeks. We would encourage you take 'before and after shots', so you can see the difference in thickness and quality of your hair.

How do you see the haircare industry changing?
The haircare industry has and will continue to change as a result of the pandemic.
Our key callout is primarily around the profile of the future hairdresser:
The volume of hairdressers working from home since COVID, and not coming back to salons impacting availability of staff on the salon floor. Some salons have reduced number of trading days as a result.
Staff wanting to go from full-time to part-time when salons are already understaffed.

Well there you have it.. what an incredible story, what an incredible brand! We just love Bondi Boost and can't wait for you to try it so you can to!

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