Introducing, Davines.

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Davines. What a special brand!
We are so lucky to be able to welcome Davines to our Glam Box Family.

Davines is a wonderful range that focuses on delivering beautiful and luxurious hair products in a mindful, thoughtful way. Designed, formulated and manufactured in Parma, Italy, this family-owned business has taken its care of the environment to the next level.
We spoke with Lisa Ferris, National Education Manager of Davines Australia, to get some great insight about our newbie brand.

Why was the brand created?

The Davines brand was created by the Bollati family in 1983 in Parma, Italy, with the notion of creating sustainable beauty at the forefront of all product development. By creating "beauty" Davines want to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment which they live and work and of the things they love. Davines is a certified B Corporation that is present in more than 90 countries worldwide.

What are your most favourite products from the brand?

It is hard to pick a select favourite products, however our Essentials range has a bit of something for everyone. It is also special as it promotes local biodiversity in Italy through incorporating active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia. Our Oi range is also a cult favourite for Davines lovers, known for its signature scent and luxurious beauty offering. For blondes, you can't go past Heart of Glass which is our holy grail product line for all blondes – warm, cool and highlighted.

Who or what inspires the brand?

Davines' pioneering spirit guides the brand to explore ideas beyond trends, to create products which are authentic to our values and tells a story.

What is different about the Aussie market vs other countries that Davines sells to?

Every country differs in climate and fashion outlooks. Our Australian outdoor lifestyle highly influences what fashion looks products which are more popular. The Australian Hair industry is very fashion forward and one of the forerunners globally and we see new products become 'big' sellers here very quickly due to this.

What drives the brand to keep going and developing more?

This quote below summarises Davines' drive to continuing evolving.

"Davines does not aim at being the biggest company in the world, but it can be the most beautiful and ethical one thanks to everyone's commitment" – Davines S.p.a Chairman Davide Bollati.

What does good haircare mean to the you/ the brand?

Good haircare works in synergy with our lifestyles, our beliefs and our environment. They should be simplistic to use and ethical at the core of what they are.

What are the 3 things you can't live without in your haircare routine?

Living in Australia, most of the country is affected by humidity, so a styling product like More Inside Blow Dry Primer, which controls humidity, makes blow-drying quick and easy is a must have. Then the new Oi Liquid Luster, a quick acting shine treatment which is amazing… who doesn't want super shiny, gorgeous hair quickly and with no fuss. And of course, every busy female needs a product like More Inside Dry Shampoo, for those moments where you don't have time to do the real deal. It works well in any shade of hair, blonde or brunette, and it's not too dry and powdery.

How do you see the haircare industry changing?

With changes in values and ideals, there is a shift towards more sustainable consumerism occurring, this is something the hair industry will start to focus on to retain shoppers. However, unfortunately this also means there will be a rise in greenwashing.

This brand is genuinely like no other. I could provide so many facts and figures to wow you with, like:
- 92.5% of paper and cardboard packaging is recycled material,
- 79.9% of ingredients used are of natural origin, and
- 71.4% of ingredients used are highly biodegradable, just to name a few!

All Davines Shampoos contain no sulphates, no parabens, no nanomaterials, & they are free from animal testing.

Just when you thought this brand couldn't get any cooler: they have a Garden beside the buildings of the Davines Village (yes - their head office is a village). This Garden area is The Scientific Garden, an open-air laboratory with a surface area of 3000 m². Inside the garden, there are four areas dedicated to different botanical categories: the Garden of Aromas, the Medical Garden, the Garden of Colors and the Garden of Perfumes. The Scientific Garden is surrounded by an Arboretum; a selection of plants from all over the world, representing our international community to ensure the cultural richness and diversity of Davines. They are also B-Corp Certified (amazing!) and have been Carbon Neutral since 2018.

The best part of this brand though are their hair care products!
It's not just one of those brands that sound good on paper with a world of hype - the products are actually amazing!!!! My absolute fave is definitely the Davines LOVE Smooth Hair Mask! I love the LOVE Mask! It's soft and silky, minimises my frizz and leaves my hair smooth and LOVEly (haha).

Another stand out around the office has been the Davines OI All In One Milk. It's a silky yet lightweight all in one leave-in Moisturiser, which rehydrates the hair immediately after a single-use.

The packaging is super cute and different, and the product inside is even better! Davines may not be the cheapest range on our Glam pages, but it is absolutely worth every dollar!
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