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MoroccanOil is truly the brand that revolutionised the haircare industry.

All brands had oils and serums, but someone was yet to master the art of an oil treatment in the way MoroccanOil did. I mean creating a product that not only makes your hair look smooth and shiny, but a product with actual benefits that could be used wet or dry.

MoroccanOil has created a product that restores over-processed hair, whether damaged chemically or environmentally. It revives the hair and provides hydration while detangling and moisturising all at once!

MoroccanOil pioneered an entirely new category of haircare - what else could anyone have asked for?

Ten years on, the brand has done nothing but continue to create haircare advancements, each recreating products with the MoroccanOil signature scent and style.

The range is sulphate, phosphate, and paraben and cruelty-free brand. This iconic brand has gone from strength to strength. We are so blessed to have been a part of their journey for so many years!

So let’s hear from the brand itself…

Why was the brand created?
MoroccanOil co-founder Carmen Tal was miles from home when, after a routine colour service gone awry, she experienced the powerful MoroccanOil Treatment while traveling. As she witnessed the transformation of her hair instantly revitalised, going from damaged to shiny, smooth, and manageable, she went on a quest to share the magic of this argan oil hair treatment with women across the globe.

What are your favourite products from the brand?
MoroccanOil set out to create the proper canvas for all hair care and hairstyling. Our signature product, MoroccanOil Treatment, has now served as the perfect foundation for hair for millions of people around the world for over a decade. Complete with both styling and conditioning benefits, this award-winning formula infused with argan oil creates long-lasting smoothness, increases manageability, speeds up blow-dry time and boosts shine.

Who or what inspires the brand?
MoroccanOil co-founder Carmen Tal’s greatest discovery was to listen. Listening to the inspiration all around her and to the women for whom she created MoroccanOil. Carmen believes women are forces of nature, resilient and full of mystery. Carmen never anticipated how much MoroccanOil products would inspire confidence in women and her passion is to continue to empower this confidence. This is the promise of MoroccanOil.

What drives the brand to grow and increase your offering?
“Today our goal remains unchanged—to empower beautiful transformations and create products that inspire confidence,” says co-founder Carmen Tal.

What does good haircare mean to you/the brand?
What began a decade ago as a single, revolutionary product that pioneered a new category in the beauty industry, has grown into a full line of hair and body products, all infused with nourishing antioxidant-rich argan oil, signature to the brand. MoroccanOil are dedicated to providing the highest quality hair and body products.

What are the 3 things you can’t live without in your haircare routine?MoroccanOil Treatment
MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask
MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones

How do you see the haircare industry changing?
Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball we do guarantee that MoroccanOil will continue deliver the innovative, argan oil infused formulas that our customers know and love us for.


MoroccanOil now has over 50 dedicated hair products, each uniquely addressing a specific hair need.

For me, MoroccanOil is a staple - one of my top picks for any hair struggling with being unmanageable, unruly or untamed. They have formulated variations to satisfy thin hair, thick hair and anyone in between without jeopardising the end result.

The products deliver the desired result every time, which is why MoroccanOil is truly so amazing. Absolutely anyone who wants silky, smooth, shiny hair can use it! These wonderful products are worth every penny.

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