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Winter is here, and so are the winter hair blues! This has been the coldest start to winter I've ever experienced. One day it was warm; the next it was freezing (ok, ok maybe not freezing - I do live in Brisbane, but I promise it's been really cold).

Is your hair suddenly feeling dry and brittle, and you can't control the frizz? Well, welcome to everyone's winter hair woes! It's simple science - cold air has less moisture than warm air, which in turn dries out our hair, making it brittle and weak. But have no fear; I am here to help you get that dry hair back on track! If you're facing some of these winter hair and scalp issues, here are my winter hair care tips to get your luscious locks back to beautiful!

Your winter hair care routine should look different to the regime you follow in warmer months. The first and most important step is to ensure that you are using a leave-in moisturiser/leave-in conditioner. This is an essential step all year round but is even more crucial in the winter months. I feel like we are all so well trained in moisturising our face and body, but seem to forget the importance of moisturising our hair.

It doesn't matter how excellent the rest of your routine is, forgetting a leave-in moisturiser will mean your hair will not be the best it can be. Leave-in moisturisers add moisture and protein back into the hair, protecting it from further damage. Plus, they are also great for detangling knotted hair.

There are different types of leave-ins, each one suited to a particular hair type. Sprays are the lighter approach to ensuring your hair is moisturised and taken care. My favourite leave-in moisture spray form is KMS Moist Repair Leave-In Conditioner & Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Serum Spray. Both sprays are hydrating and repairing while remaining light and invisible in the hair.

I personally also love a good cream leave-in. I need that creamy richness to soften & tame my mane. Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri-Enrich Frizz Control Cream is a great addition to anyone's leave-in routine. Another fab option is the Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment; this product offers numerous benefits to the hair, leaving it silky and smooth.

If a foam is what you prefer, then there is no going past the Milk Shake Whipped Cream to add moisture and hydration. Whether it's a spray, cream or foam, leave-in moisturisers/conditioners are beyond essential and life-changing to your hair health.

Another incredible addition to your winter hair care routine is a Hair Mask or Treatment. Hair Treatments help to deeply hydrate and nourish the hair. They should be used once a week or every 4-7 washes, replacing conditioner for that wash.

People often tell me they don't have time for a Mask or Treatment, but these days a mask could be completed in 60 seconds - so now there's no excuse!

Top picks from fastest to slowest treatment time:

Another problematic and super annoying issue that can surface during winter is a dry, itchy scalp. Just like our dry skin, our scalp must be nourished. Replenishing lost moisture is key to ensuring a healthy scalp and getting rid of those annoying flakes that torment you.

There are a few quick and easy hero products to get your healthy scalp back. Start with the Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment. This oil-based scalp treatment instantly relieves irritation and works to restore balance the scalp.

If a regime is more what you need, then De Lorenzo Balance Pack is where it's at. This three-step system (easy as shampoo, conditioner and leave-in) will relieve the symptoms of a dry irritated scalp.

For some more instant relief, try the Bondi Boost Dry + Itchy Scalp Relief. It's quick to calm, soothe and relieve the scalp, whilst remaining lightweight and invisible in the hair. Add the Bondi Boost Pink Salt Scrub to the mix to maximise results & really ensure a clean and balanced scalp.

Stimulating the scalp with the easy addition of a Shampoo Brush (yes, you guessed it - used during your shampoo) is an absolute game-changer. Relieving scalp tension and assisting the flaking scalp move to the surface makes this healthy scalp process much faster to achieve.

Next tip, add an Oil or Elixir to your hair regime. It is challenging to continue treating your hair in between washes but an elixir will help maintain adequate moisture levels whilst creating smoother, less tangled and more manageable hair. I'm not talking about any old serum you may have lying around - I'm talking about products specifically designed to nourish hair.

The most famous by far is Moroccanoil (or Moroccanoil Light), but my all-time total fave (and one of the most revolutionary products I have ever used) is the Wella System Professional Luxe Oil. This product can be used by anyone as it completely absorbs into the hair, does not sit on the outside, & deeply penetrates the hair shaft creating the healthiest, strongest (and by far the smoothest) hair you usually only dream of. So do yourself a favour and try this Elixir immediately!

My last little sneaky tip is an old-school one (they always did know best - why did we stop listening?). I'm talking Great Great Grandmother sort of old school. Brush.your.scalp. Yep, you heard me, scalp brushing. Scalp brushing invigorates the glands and stimulates all sorts of great restorative & rejuvenating systems. As a result, your scalp will feel less tight and your hair will have an extra healthy glow & shine.

Well, there you have it - some super easy, highly effective tips and tricks to get your winter hair gorgeous, glam & healthy.

Not sure which products would work for you? Just book in for an Online Hair Consult, and we will tailor-make your dream regime for you!

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