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Inspirational Women in Business #iwd

When I think of successful women in business, my mind rejoices with how many outstanding examples I can think of! Just in the hair industry alone, the list is full and abundant. But today, after an interesting phone call, I want to talk about Jen Harwood, owner of the most amazing company, The Happy Hair Brush. This woman, simply put, is exceptional and all it took for me to know this was one phone call!

Jen Harwood Happy Hair Brush

For those who don't know about Jen, she is an International Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Author ( I mean, how cool can one person be?) But as if that wasn't enough, she has created one of the most revolutionary brush brands Australia (and soon the world) has ever seen. The story behind the Happy Hair Brush is simple, Jen was fed up trying to get the knots out of her daughter Rose's hair, so instead of trying another brush again as most of us would, she just created one! I mean, I'm certain the ins and outs are a little more detailed, but I'm sure you get the gist! So the Happy Hair Brush was born, and the rest is history.

Happy Hair Brush range

This brush is undoubtedly a game-changer (I have four kids, three are girls, so I know a game-changer when I see one!), but so is Jen. Since the beginning of 2019, over 6500 brushes have been donated, and over $71k was raised for the McGrath Foundation from the sales of this incredible creation.
Her desire to help others in any way she can is evident, and after our phone call, I was so inspired and in awe that I felt compelled to write this piece in her honour.

The sad thing is that women supporting women, although wildly promoted, is actually rarer than you think. For example, I recently attended a fantastic event by The Belle Evolution. I was privileged enough to listen to the wonderful Elena Gosse speak about her journey through business, and something she said really resonated with me. She said that people want your business to be successful but not too successful. They want you to do well, but not too well, and they want to flourish but not too much. Now, this really made me sad, mainly because it's so true! But then you meet women like Jen, and all of this couldn't be further from the truth. Her mission is to help others any way she can and use her success to create successes for others wherever and however she can. She truly is an Entrepreneur on a mission to make a difference to people everywhere!

Jen Harwood and daughter Happy Hair Brush

So when I think of inspirational women, women who are genuinely caring and kind and want everyone to experience success, I definitely think of superstars like Jen and pray that one day when my daughters (and my son) grow up that they learn from wonderful women like Jen and share their passion and joy as much as she does!

Fun facts about Jen...
Favourite Food Ice Cream
Favourite Holiday Destination South Pacific
Mantra to live by "have courage and be kind "
The most random thing in your bag right now A pink and yellow fishing float.

Happy International Women's Day #iwd2022

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