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With products for every hair type on the rise, it is exciting to see haircare coming out specifically designed for curly hair. We want to share with you, an amazing Australian brand created especially for curly hair. They are changing the game, creating products that will protect, enhance and embrace your beautiful curls. Clever Curl is your curl’s best friend, so let us introduce you. We spoke with Clever Curl’s resident Curl Specialist and Educator Nathalie Darne about how the brand was born.


Why was the brand created?

"Clever Curl was created by a group of Australian curl specialists inspired by the Curly Girl Method.  After years of speaking with the curl community through Clever Curl’s sister brand – EverEscents Organic Hair Care – the product development team wanted to create a highly specialised line of hair care products for the Australian curl community.

After two years of formula creating, speaking with curl specialists and prototype testing in curl specialist salons, this exciting range of 8 products was born!"


What are your most favourite products from the brand?

"I love all the Clever Curl products! They all have their own unique effectiveness to curly hair. Each product is there to help with whatever the end curl goal is. However, if I had to choose my “go to” product when refreshing in the morning, I would have to say the Wonderfoam works a treat for my curls!"


Who or what inspires the brand?

"The Australian curl community continually inspires the brand and the entire team at Clever Curl Head Office."


What does it mean to be an Aussie brand?

"Now more than ever it is so important to be an Aussie Made & Owned Certified brand. As our world continually changes and evolves, we are finding that many more salons, hair and beauty industry experts and customers look to find products that are made and sourced locally. At Clever Curl we are so passionate to be Australia’s leading salon professional curl brand.

When you purchase products that are Australian Made & Owned not only are you valuing Australian Trade, you are also supporting and ensuring that many Australians have jobs. The green and gold Kangaroo logo is now recognised worldwide and we are so proud to be certified by the Australian Made Campaign."


What drives the brand to keep going and developing more?

"The brand has always been driven by the curl community. We take on all the feedback provided by our customers and work with our customers to develop and grow the brand."


What does good haircare mean to the you/ the brand?

"Good hair care means using high quality products., it means the formulas are safe and gentle yet effective and easy to use."


What are the 3 things you can’t live without in your haircare routine?

"I can’t live without my Clever Curl combo! My combo consists of Clever Curl Cleanser, Curl Treatment and Wonderfoam! The Humid Weather gel is also a curl saver in the hot and humid months."


How do you see the haircare industry changing?

"We see the hair industry changing in response to the ground swell of more and more people wanting to embrace and enhance their natural hair, celebrating the hair colour, shape and texture they were born with rather than using harsh products to or techniques to try and “tame” it. We would love to see the industry work towards more products that focus on nourishing and enhancing healthy, natural hair."


If you have been on the hunt for products to protect, restore and enhance your curls, then look no further than Clever Curl! They have everything you need to take your haircare routine to the next level. You can shop all the Clever Curl products online at GlamBox, and don’t forget, we are here to help with any personalised recommendations you need to get started.

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