4 Easy Ways to Wear Your Hair on Holiday

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Who else loves this time of year? Not too hot, not yet too cold, the perfect sunshine-filled days where we can pack our bags and enjoy a few days (or weeks) away with friends or family!

Whether you're spending time outdoors camping by the lake or lazing by a beach, there is nothing more relaxing than being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The best part of holidays (apart from the cocktails) is that you can leave that hair straightener or curling wand at home and embrace 'holiday hair' (don't panic, we will teach you how).

It's always a struggle to come up with fresh hair look ideas when you are so used to the routine of the everyday grind, so we'll simplify it for you!

Here are 4 easy ways to wear your hair while on holiday:

Beach Hair
How good is your hair when you come out of the beach, and the saltwater gives you that natural sexy wave or curl! Don't you just wish it would stay like that instead of drying fluffy, flyaway and frizzy? Well, guess what.. you can! The answer is super simple, it's called sea salt spray!!!!!

But what does sea salt spray do, you ask? It adds body and texture to all hair types and enhances the natural wave or curl in the hair. If you have thick curly hair, sea salt spray can help define your curls and reduce frizz. If you have straight or limp hair, this product adds volume and texture.

The best time to apply these salt sprays is on to damp hair and allow it to dry into the hair's natural wave. Alternatively, it can be applied to dry unwashed hair to give texture and grit, and refresh your look.

Get the look with our favourite wavy hair product, Eleven Sea Salt Spray. This product is a lightweight spray that adds texture and volume to give your hair a beach look and feel.

Another favourite is the Goldwell Surf Oil Spray. This Sea Salt Spray is a little different to the rest. It creates that beach look and feel, but the lightweight "oil " element leaves the hair feeling more hydrated and a little less gritty. Designed to be used on freshly washed towel-dried hair, this Surf Oil is definitely my fave twist to all the regular beach sprays available! Leave that blow-dried look behind and create an easy and stylish way to wear your hair on holidays!

The Claw Clip
If you grew up in the 90's, you would undoubtedly remember the claw clip! Well, guess what? It's back, and back as the chicest undone hairstyle in town.
Rock your holiday look with the coolest claw clips by simply twisting the base of your hair around and placing the clip around the hair in various ways.

Placing the clip lower allows your hair to cascade over the top (my fave is the Katherine Claw for this) or tucking it into the clip for a neater look (it looks pretty in The Anastasia Claw and the Bronte Claw).

The Braid
Braids are the classic holiday look to keep your hair neat and tucked away from the elements (and out of your face).

The best part of braided hair is the added bonus of sleeping with your hair done and the beautiful crimped waves you have the morning after!

Things you will need to create your braids are a Dateline tail comb, and two hair ties (gliders, snag-free, clear). We love Wella Eimi Pearl Styler to keep those braids tight with no flyaway bits. 

Leave Your Treatment In
Have you always wanted to leave your treatment in for longer but never have the time? If you're camping, at the beach or by the pool this holiday, you finally have the perfect opportunity!

Olaplex No.3 is a pre-shampoo treatment designed to leave in for a minimum of 10 minutes (or all day) to get those nutrient-rich benefits of that bonding technology.

This amazing & revolutionary hair technology which links your hair bonds together, giving your hair more strength and structure, is what your hair needs to keep it healthy and strong from the inside out.

Simply apply Olaplex 0 to dry hair to significantly dampen it down, leave it in your hair for 10 minutes and then apply Olaplex 3 right over the top. Comb the treatment through your hair and whip it up into a bun. Then sit, relax and enjoy your day while the treatment works its magic.

Holiday hair can be as glamorous as you like. Whether sitting by a campfire, lying by a pool or swimming at the beach, make your holiday hair look chic and stylish in minutes with these easy techniques!

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