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Braids are everywhere right now.. Upstyles, downstyles, side, front or back! Any which way you position it a braid just works. Think back to the braid your Mum used to do for you on a daily basis (which you probably hated and felt like a dweeb) is a braid that girls are now paying serious dollars to achieve. But what is it about braids that have made them so popular all over again?

Over the years hairstyles have come into trend and gone out just as fast but braiding has always been there. Braiding is an ancient technique with a long history spanning over many countries and cultures and centuries.

In the past, braids have appeared on men and women providing insight into marriage status, social status or just sheer glamour!

These days rocking a braid shows one thing.. You are cool!!!

Let's start with the different styles you can create with braids. The Crown Braid reflects a look where the braid transforms your hair to wrap around your crown and appear as a halo. Very popular for more formal up styles and soft beautiful looks.

Then there's the side braid. Probably the most common day to day way of braiding your hair. This look can be achieved by braiding the hair with the traditional technique or spicing it up with the ever so popular fishtail braid that just ads that extra zing to any braid!

Currently the most seen braid seems to be those resembling cornrows.. This edgy and modern look is popping up everywhere right now and is styling any down or up style in a completely different way. Possibly not as forms as a wider braid, if you are looking for a way to do the braid with a funkier look then this is your kind of braid.

You can create sleek braids or soft braids, but any which way you braid is a stunning look right now. Here are some pics for inspiration.. Happy braiding all!!!!
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