Balayage.. Today or Yesterday?

Posted by Anna Holevas on

Balayage and Ombré styles have been rocking the runways, and the streets for well over 6 years now.. So the question on every bodies mind.. Is balayage still in fashion???

While stars like Rhianna and Rachel Bilson have maintained the traditional balayage effect some may argue that these looks are done and dated.

There is DEFINITELY still a place for balayage in the fashion world, but balayage is taking a turn for the more natural, the more blended the more beautiful smudged effect!

Instead of distinct colour differentiation we are seeing a more soothing colour blending technique where foils are smudged from the root down and applied at different levels and layers. Fashion icons like Rose Byrnes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Beckinsale really have their foiled look perfect! With only a hint of balayage, but more a natural smudged look, these stars shine with low maintenance and high fashion hair which completes any look!

So while traditional balayage may be on the out.. This improved look will be around for time to come.

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