( A little bit of fun)

We are all incredibly different and beautiful because of it. And let's be honest, we're all a little bit of everything, all mixed together. But, just for a bit of fun, take a look at our  "Mum Types" and discover which hair care product is your HAIR HERO: Helping you get out of the house each day with the healthiest, shiniest hair ever.

ACTIVE MUM: Active wear is her main wardrobe staple, always has a water bottle in hand, looks effortlessly gorgeous with naturally flushed cheeks, throws her hair up in a cap most days.
SHE NEEDS: After all her workouts and exercise, she needs products that remove build up, refresh the scalp and detoxify the hair.
GLAM MUM:  Her hair always looks "done" no matter the time of day, loves fashion but has her own take on the latest trends, loves a statement earring, wears lipstick everywhere, smells divine.
SHE NEEDS: Luxe, shiny locks is where it's at for the Glam Mum so products that boost shine are top of her lust list.
ECO-CONSCIOUS MUM: Carries an eco-shopper instead of a handbag, loves an essential oil or two, has glowing skin, wears bright happy colours, wears her hair down and natural, her packed school lunches are the envy of all others.
SHE NEEDS: Brands that are passionate about the environment are top of the list for the Eco Mum. She seeks to find natural formulations that deliver but are also kind to our planet.
EASY GOING MUM: Switches it up between a messy bun and hair claw most days, always has time for chat, adores the comfort of Birkenstocks, loves a hug, has a beautiful infectious laugh.
SHE NEEDS: Leave it in and go! She might be a little "no fuss" but this mum still wants products that deliver results. Oh, but they need to be easy to use and take little time to do their thing.
ON THE GO MUM: Never without a coffee cup in hand, carries multiple bags, one big enough for a laptop, loves to wear black, has made the cool sneaker trend her own, hair is always in a slicked back pony, always smiling and waving as she never has time to stop.
SHE NEEDS: No time to wash her hair again this morning so she reaches for the Dry Shampoo. Spray and go: The motto of the mum that never stops.