Enhance your gorgeous curls

Curls looking a little flat or frizzier than you’d like? Keen to enhance your natural waves and give them some extra oomph? All you need to do is chose the perfect products to enhance your curls.

With curls (or any hair type for that matter) it’s essential to remember to apply your leave in moisturiser first, before adding and curl enhancing product to your hair. If styling products are directly added to freshly washed hair with no leave in moisturiser first- you will never achieve your perfect desired result (it would be the same as washing your face and then adding foundation straight away before moisturiser- it’s a no no!).

If the hair has no moisture to absorb it will just absorb your styling products instead-leaving your hair back at square 1 after a few hours. Curling products come in many forms, creams, sprays, gels and so many more. Take your curls for a whirl and book your virtual consult chat with a member of our talented team and steal all our clever curling secrets.

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