Spring Hair- Fight the Frizz

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September is here, and Spring has finally sprung (or is trying to anyway) Spring is my favourite time of year! Cool nights, warmer days, bright colours making a resurgence and everyone out and about again. But what does this mean for our hair? Spring can be a tricky time for hair- no longer needing the mass amounts of moisture required in winter, with hair that’s not quite ready for our lighter weight summer regime! So, what does the perfect Spring Hair regime look like? Well obviously it is different for every head of hair, but some consistencies remain.. Spring Hair, the Glam Box Edit.

The heat may be a welcome change for some of us, but it always comes with the beginning of humidity which brings with it a whole lot of frizz! Follow these easy tips and tricks and stay one step ahead of the incoming heat. My most common hair question at this time of year… how do I tame my frizzy hair? Although the difficulty of this seems extreme- the solution is a lot simpler. The fast answer- product! Shampoo and Conditioner are merely preparation products, (in saying that I love Goldwell Just Smooth  Shampoo and Conditioner or the KMS Tame Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner to get the party started) real results come from everything that happens after your shower. Let’s start with the leave in moisturiser/leave in Conditioner/Leave in Treatment (it can have many names but does the same job on the hair). This product is an essential first step to preparing the hair after it has been washed. The leave in provides a base- a place for the styling products to attach while the hair receives the nutrients it requires-even if you do not use any styling products the moisturiser is a must.  Without a moisturiser as a base, the hair will eat up what ever it gets.  Have you ever used a product on your hair which looked great to start but it’s almost like it disappeared from your hair and you were left looking like you hadn’t used any product at all? This is what happens when there is no base- or the wrong base on the hair. The hair is so thirsty, so dehydrated it just eats up the first thing it’s given. So…. Out of the shower and moisturise your hair, it’s truly not hard, nor is it time consuming (yes I hear you all saying I just don’t have time for that- but we have to make time! It’s a moment in your day which will make a substantial difference with the way your hair looks and feels.)

Next up come the relevant styling products. It’s simple really, the better you want your hair to look the more layers you need to add to your hair regime.  Think about it like skincare. You wash and moisturise your face (that’s a given) but if you want to look a little more done, we add some foundation. Want to look prettier again, we add some blush, possibly some mascara and eyeliner ect ect.. the list goes on but the concept remains, the better you want to look the more layers you add. It’s no different with hair but for some reason we don’t view it the same. The ultimate compilation of haircare products can vary quite considerably from head to head (depending on length, thickness and density of the hair) but can also be different depending on what look you want to achieve.

Kaliopi, one of our Glam Box Hair Experts has shared her two fave Moisturiser and styling Combos. For fine hair she loves to start with the Eleven Miracle Spray Hair Treatment and follow on with the Goldwell Stylesign Just Smooth Smooth Control finishing the Hair with System Professional Luxe Oil (wet and dry) These products will hydrate, smooth and protect, all your strands while leaving little to no weight on the hair ensuring your styling and layering looks amazing and keeps your hair frizz free throughout the day.

For hair that is more medium to coarse and needs a little more to keep it frizz free Kals most recommended product is absolutely the Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri-Enrich Frizz Control Crème. This amazing leave in moisturiser helps to prevent frizz whilst nourishing the hair to leave the hair soft and shiny.  Followed by KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion, this combination tames the frizz whist leaving the hair silky and well nourished. Follow wet and then again dry with Moroccan Oil  to lock in all the nutrients and for added shine and smoothness. 

The best tip though that I can offer to keep that annoying frizz from returning is a good spray of a Humidity protectant spray on every strand of hair (section by section) Your product layers will get your hair to be frizz free, while your Anti Humectant will ensure it remains Frizz free. My total favourites are KMS Hair Stay Anti Humidity Seal, the Joico Humidity Blocker and the Kerasilk Control Humidity Barrier Spray. These products protect the hair from humidity and ensure your style remains as is.

Beautiful hair is honestly not difficult to achieve, it’s just about understanding that each layer of product is designed to create a different element  to your  hair. So don’t stress about your frizzy locks this Spring, we’ve got you go to products covered.  Not sure if any of these combinations are for you, no problem. Book in for a free online consultations with one of our hair experts and let us create your personalised dream hair regime just for you.

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