Prepare your hair for a day at the beach.

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You've lathered on your sunscreen, packed your beach bag and filled up your Frank Green, but have you thought about your hair?

Consistently subjecting your hair to harsh beach conditions without preparation can lead to cumulative damage over time. By taking a few protective steps, you contribute to the long-term health and vitality of your hair, minimizing the negative effects of sun, saltwater, wind, and sand exposure.


Sun Protection: Just like your skin, your hair can also be damaged by the sun's harmful UV rays. Overexposure to sunlight can lead to dryness, color fading (especially if you have coloured hair), and weakened hair strands. Preparing your hair with a sun protection product helps minimize these effects.

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Saltwater Effects: Saltwater from the ocean can be drying to your hair. It can strip away natural oils, leaving your hair feeling coarse and brittle. Taking preventive measures, such as applying leave-in conditioner and rinsing your hair with fresh water after swimming, can help combat this.

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Wind and Tangles: The beach environment often involves wind, which can cause your hair to tangle and knot. When hair is tangled, it becomes more prone to breakage when you try to detangle it. Braiding or tying up your hair with a scrunchie or tie that's gentle on your strands can help prevent excessive tangling. 

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(Use the oversized towel scrunchie which is made from a highly absorbent microfiber fabric, perfect for tying back wet hair.)


Sand Buildup: Sand can get trapped in your hair, causing friction and damage. After a day on the beach, use a detoxing shampoo to make sure you give your scalp a deep clean. 

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Maintaining moisture and shine: After-beach care is just as important so after your deep cleanse, reach for a moisturizing hair mask to help reduce the drying effects of sun exposure. A great hair mask will help maintain your hair's natural shine, texture, and help build strength.

WE RECOMMEND: Kerasilk Smoothing Mask

Remember that the beach environment can be harsh on your hair, so by taking a few steps to prepare and care for your hair, you can help minimize damage, keeping your luscious locks looking and feeling fabulous all Summer long.

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