How to get those wavy curls with ghd

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Have you always dreamed of having luscious, beachy waves but don't have the latest hair curler? You may have seen influencers and hairstylists master the art of curling with a straightener on IG, but we can assure you, it's not magic, and you can achieve this look too. At GlamBox, we're breaking it down with our how-to that will even work on unruly hair. Don't forget that you can shop all the products through the online beauty store GlamBox Australia using the links below. 



Prep Step: Make sure your hair is dry and brushed through.


Step 1: ALWAYS Spray your brushed and dry hair with ghd's Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray. It's so crucial to prep your hair to reduce damage and help your style last longer.


Step 2: Start sectioning off your hair. Pin back, so you are working with smaller sections of hair, then take one small section of hair (bottom and front preferred).


Step 3: Place your ghd Platinum styler vertically at the root (pointing it downwards) and then rotate 180 degrees away from the face (always away from your face, trust us!), holding on to the hair at the end.


Step 4: Slide the styler slowly down your hair until you reach the end. Keep tension on your hair to ensure you'll get a nice curl and keep it moving slowly. Once you've finished running our styler through, let the hair cool before trying to comb or style further. By allowing the curls to cool first, It will help them stay in place even longer.


Step 5: Repeat these steps until you have finished all sections of your hair. Remember, start at the front and work your way back, always curling away from the face to open it up.



Step 6: Taking a wide-tooth comb, spray the comb with hairspray. Then gently comb through all hair to soften the curls. 


Step 7: If you want the curls a little bolder, pinch and rub the crests of the curls to help them hold their shape. Then spritz a little extra hair spray through (if you think you need it), and you're set to go! 


Getting those soft beachy waves you have been dreaming of has never been easier, and you can buy all the hair products online through GlamBox Australia. And don't forget you can get in touch with our hair experts for a personalised online consultation anytime.

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