3 Delicious haircare brands you might never have considered but absolutely should!

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Are you confused about where to start shopping when buying new haircare? There are SO many brands on the market that it can be overwhelming knowing which one to try. GlamBox has some exciting haircare brands, and today we want to introduce you to three AMAZING brands that you might not have tried before. However, we know that you’ll love them!



De Lorenzo revolutionised the Australian haircare industry with their innovations and ambitions to use ingredients and packaging with a minimal environmental impact. This was unheard of when they started, and they were light years ahead of other haircare brands. Today they are still revolutionising the Australian haircare game. They have several suitable ranges for a variety of different haircare types, and all are certified organic.


Our top picks from DeLorenzo:

The Ends: This leave-in hair treatment works to seal your hair leaving shiny, gorgeous locks. It’s perfect for providing extra moisture and preventing split ends.

Equilibrium: This deep repair hair mask is designed to nourish dry and damaged hair. It contains Oat Peptides and Rosehip and is a rich treatment that is perfect if you want to heal and restore hair quickly.

Silver Shampoo: The Novafusion Colour care range is formulated to work with your hair colour to control and prevent colour fade. The DeLorenzo shampoo is the best shampoo for reducing unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair. Still, the Novafusion range includes various DeLorenzo colour shampoos and conditioners to target different hair colours.



Pureology was born from a powerful idea: create the best professional products for colour-treated hair that were affordable, cared for the environment and didn’t compromise on performance. We are a big fan of Pureology because their motto is to make women feel beautiful with good-for-you hair care.


Our top picks from Pureology:

Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner: the Pureology Hydrate range is designed to replenish dry hair. The Pureology shampoo emulsifies into a beautiful, rich lather that replenishes dry hair, while the conditioner nourishes hair leaving it soft and shiny. They both smell incredible, which we know can be a significant consideration.

Strength Cure Split End Salve Treatment: This is a strengthening salve with a high concentration of coconut oil. It goes deep into the hair while also coating the surface to soften and condition. It’s a balm-like hair oil that is perfect if you are looking for something to prevent split ends and leave your hair strong and shiny. 


System Professional

Using cutting-edge science, System Professional brings you the best transformative hair care. They aim to provide you with targeted solutions that address specific needs rather than simply offering quick fixes. In addition, they offer a luxurious, salon-quality formula for all hair types. 


Our top picks from System Professional

Repair Mask: This is the ideal treatment for you if you have highly damaged or brittle hair. This mask intensely nourishes hair while also working to protect. In addition, the active complex helps to reduce breakage and strengthen the hair with just one application (how easy!!).

Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir: A beautiful argan oil for hair, this elixir helps to provide lasting smoothness, protection and extra shine. It is a staple for any routine because it is so multipurpose. One product can be used as a mask, styling or leave-in treatment.

Liquid Hair: This unique hair treatment reconstructs the hair fibre, reinforcing it for up to five washes. It’s perfect for fine or damaged hair that needs a little more volume and protection.


If you have discovered a new brand that you are now interested in trying, you can shop all the products online through GlamBox. Simply click the links above to shop. If you are curious about what products would work best for you, you can chat with one of our many hair experts for your personalised recommendations. 


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